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Accomplish  – Into the next decade

Accomplish  – Into the next decade


Not just a changed name, but a fresh focus and goals for the second decade of this remarkable success story in what is a difficult market to succeed, let alone thrive and expand.

“Accomplish – to succeed in doing or completing something – to achieve or complete successfully – Oxford English Dictionary” 

This definition could be written specifically for Accomplish to acknowledge their growth and standing as a complete payment solution provider in the electronic payments issuing space. Since starting out in 2012 to where they are a decade later, providing innovative, price sensitive, bespoke solutions that enable clients’ dreams with in-house development and technology able to be implemented in days, if necessary.

But what makes Accomplish stand apart in its field? Ask any of their clients, and you’ll hear the same answer. The way they are treated – the transparency and trust they build with all their dealings. 

“We want to establish our presence by expressing our culture, belief system and vision for the future and our role in it as a fintech, our capacity to make a difference for our clients and their clients. The relationships we build with them are not transactional, but ongoing. We’re not just selling but offering long term solutions that have the capacity for impact,” explains Guy Raymond El Khoury, CEO of Accomplish.

Why the name change?

According to Guy Raymond El Khoury, “We’re bringing together all our businesses and brands under one umbrella and, in a way, our clients had already begun the rebranding work for us by abbreviating “Accomplish Financial” to “Accomplish”; it is a great name that we had right from the beginning!” Now, with Accomplish’s international footprint spreading, this consolidation will see Accomplish Financial become Accomplish UK, Accomplish Europe, Accomplish Middle East, etc. It’s all about unifying and growing the international services network.

“It’s also about defining exactly who we are. In the past, telling people we supply financial solutions meant constant calls asking for loan assistance, which of course isn’t something we offer,” explains El Khoury laughing. But with the focus on solutions still firmly in play, El Khoury is excited for the next decade. “As we’re coming up to our 10-year anniversary, we felt a fresh coat of paint was a good idea.” 

And for those of you who are motorsport fans, you’ll notice the forward slashes that are now an intrinsic part of the Accomplish brand. “We want to show movement, speed and our dynamism, and the slashes will go on to evolve into different colours to designate different areas of the business. Our goal would be for the name Accomplish to simply become the word for what we do.”

Growth and expansion

Already setting the bar high, Accomplish is constantly upgrading and updating its systems. “We’ve come a very long way, and today we offer a partner seeking issuing support for whatever they need to operate on a day-to-day basis. Our entire system works on carefully designed, enhanced APIs with full third-party integration. But what we’re adding now is an offering of all the various components of the group and our various reaches under one unified brand.” 

Another vital aspect going forward for Accomplish is their resolve to develop quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, including their expansion beyond the UK, with a strong will to support economic development and wellbeing. One of the ways they can enable this is by putting the focus on affordable and equitable access for all. “By making electronic payments available to everyone, we can drive down the cost of payments and remittances,” confirms Guy Raymond El Khoury.

“We’re really excited to see our geographical presence growing as far north as Canada, through Europe and into the Middle East. What this means for our clients is that by covering more time zones, and with different public and religious holidays, we can now look to offer a 24/7 service.” 

Looking to the future

With the emphasis on the future, Accomplish feels strongly that financial inclusion should be foremost in the world of business. We’re not just looking to the high-end market but at what the young and future consumer wants in their digital world, whilst at the same time ensuring security and ease of use.


“Just looking at how far we’ve come particularly in our bespoke offerings such as our solid 18K gold hallmarked card manufactured by The Royal Mint, to our innovative non-plastic cards such as payment rings and other wearables is a real achievement.”

Above all, one thing that will never change is Accomplish’s mission to make their clients’ purpose and vision come to life. This is supported by their value system and quest to create better solutions for a better world, which is at the core of what Accomplish stands for. Simply put, building a platform for people who are curious, innovative and helping to build a better world. “We want to do more than just meet our clients’ needs. As a partner who handles everything, we let them focus on making the world better in whatever way they can.” 


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