Virtual Cards 

Virtual cards provide additional safety for those making online purchases by generating a unique number which can be obtained instantly either online, at a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, or even over the phone.  It functions like a gift card but without the plastic. The virtual number can be emailed or sent by SMS and saves the hassles and costs associated with mailing, physical storage and activation.


Corporate Clients

Virtual cards are the ideal solution for corporations wishing to offer rewards, incentives or pay outs to their customers.  These cards have the same full functionality of MasterCard or Visa branded payment cards.


  • These cards can be used online, generating an income for the programme manager or the brand that issues the co-branded cards.
  • The usage of these cards can be monitor for usage patterns and behaviour to gain valuable insight on clients’ shopping habits and trends.
  • Functionality may be blocked if desired from certain types of products or services.
  • A virtual card can also be accompanied by a physical prepaid or gift card.
  • Our fully customised solutions can also enable customers to manage their virtual accounts online.

For Consumers

A virtual card provides a safe way of purchasing products and services online or over the phone.  This product is great for people who are hesitant to provide their financial details or who don’t have a bankcard with the worldwide-accepted logos of MasterCard and Visa.

By using a virtual card, consumers will minimise the risks of compromising their financial details and bank account information.