Corporate Expense Solutions

Employee allowances, advances and expenses can be handled in a cost-effective manner. Accomplish Financial’s fully customisable platform-based solution enables employee access to pre-determined funds and provides clear, granular reporting for detailed cost and expenditure analysis.

Expense cards can be company branded, providing brand recognition. Spending limits can be pre-set to avoid overspending, or high funding limits based on needs. Employers have the ability to restrict merchant category codes (MCC) to avoid unapproved spending that may be unapproved from the corporation. Daily or weekly pre-set allowances ensure that the balance is not spent impulsively or prematurely. Cards are issued under the MasterCard or Visa schemes for worldwide acceptance.

You remain in full control of how funds are distributed to your employees on an individual basis. The platform allows the company to send payment instructions using a wide range of secure methods; via direct integration; via batch file uploads or manually if desired. The funds are then loaded securely onto your own branded full featured payment cards (MasterCard or Visa), giving the employee immediate international access to expense funds.