Government Solutions

At a time when governmental focus is on streamlining and efficiencies, there is an opportunity to drive greater efficiency around the distribution of government pay-outs.

Accomplish Financial’s platform provides the most cost effective solution for the distribution of funds without relying on high volumes of costly bank transfers, cheque writing or even cash pay-outs. Additionally, through electronic distribution of funds, associated costs of cash handling are eliminated.

The provision of payments through electronic cards still provides the individual with the option to withdraw as cash through an ATM, or to spend money directly on their card. Our solution has the additional capability of adding budgeting tools, and can serve as a platform for financial education and wellbeing.

Furthermore, our platform is able to produce reports (compliant with data protection regulations) on the expenditure patterns of the card users, allowing for a deeper understanding behind spending behaviour which will assist the government to better target specific social, welfare or other programmes.