Programme Management

With more than ten years of experience in the card industry we can help you launch a successful programme by understanding your challenges and needs, minimising your speculation and providing a fully customised and completely configurable product.

With our state of the art in-house technology, we will develop a programme closely with you and provide you with a one-of-a-kind turnkey solution, such that your only to-do will be marketing your product.  We will continue to work with you during the launch of the programme through the initial stages of deployment, fine-tuning the product in real time if.  Should there be changes that need to be addressed on the services and offerings of the product, our team will cater to them as they arise, something that would take months with other providers.

A successful programme can generate a significant alternative source of income for a company, or an organisation.  Furthermore, there will be increased brand recognition and awareness, increased prestige by partnering with one of the two largest and most respectable payment institutions worldwide (Visa/MasterCard) and of course additional profits and benefits from customer loyalty.

Our fully automated user-friendly front and back end interface provide peace of mind for the programme manager by facilitating data acquisition.  Transactions can be viewed in real time, and reports can be easily pulled from the system for the purpose of data mining, submissions or just for reviewing. The platform can also account for any reseller partners on the product, and fully identify and distribute the profits accordingly in a confidential and discreet manner.

At Accomplish Financial, our goal is to launch you with a successful programme where the cards can be used to generate a recurring income for your programme manager and partners.  Working with your industry market knowledge, our own strategy department will deploy the right product for you and provide support throughout rollout of the deliverable to ensure the smoothest possible process. We will consult with you while closely monitoring the programme, encouraging improvements or fine-tuning as necessary, to sustain and increase the popularity and profitability of the product.