Salary & Payroll Solutions

Traditional methods for effecting payroll can be either impossible or cost inefficient for temporary employees, international employees, employees with irregular payment frequencies, or employees without a bank account.

Accomplish Financial’s solution enables wages to be deposited directly onto a card. This has the additional benefit of reducing costs and time on payroll processing and payroll staff.  

For the employee, this convenient payment method removes the difficulty and cost of exchanging cheques for cash, finding solutions for making online payments, and ensures they have access to their funds quickly and efficiently.

You remain in full control of how and when the funds are distributed to your employees on an individual basis.

The platform allows the company to send payment instructions using a wide range of secure methods; via direct integration; via batch file uploads or manually if desired.

The funds are then loaded securely onto your own branded full featured payment cards (MasterCard or Visa), giving the employee immediate access to their money via all traditional methods such as ATMs, retail environments (points of sale), and online.